rewaco CT 1800 S - The BikeConversion based on the Suzuki Intruder C1800

rewaco CT 1800 S. The BikeConversion for "bad boys"

The striking design, powerful 1.8 litre two-cylinder motor with 104 HP and the meaty V2 sound combine to make the new CT 1800 S the flagship model of the rewaco BikeConversion family.

As with the CT 800 S the 1800 is also based on a reliable cult motorbike from Suzuki. The Suzuki C 1800 R Intruder is perfectly suited as the basis for a BikeConversion.

The CT 1800 S is fitted with an integrated, spacious storage box as standard as is the 800. Furthermore, two additional chrome lamps emphasise the muscular silhouette of the trike from the front. The wide 255mm rear tyres on 17" aluminium rims underline the powerful appearance.
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